CHC Technologies is an IT system integration, professional IT services & solutions company, meeting all needs in the areas of IT services, offering a range of services covering all the needs of companies in terms of information and communication technology. We, are a Singapore based MSP (Managed Service Provider) providing IT services, solutions and support. Our engineers had supported clients in multiple domains such as Education, Retail, Financial, and Manufacturing. Understanding our customers’ business, proposing and delivering optimized IT solutions from initial stage to final implementation, followed by maintenance and continuous upgrades.

Below is a list of some of our services coverage basically any need from a business IT infrastructure point of view, including:

  •      Hardware Purchase, Service and Maintenance
  •      Keeping track of all Licenses and Maintenance contracts and Renewal
  •      Implementation of IT projects
  •      Installations and Configurations
  •      Integration of any other IT solutions and products
  •      Management of your current IT infrastructure
  •      Maintenance and support services with your current providers
  •      Provisioning of IT equipment (PC, Phones, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls etc) 
  •      IP video communication (Videoconferencing)

  •      IP Data communication (routing, switching, network)
  •      Voice recording solutions (both fix and mobile)       
  •      Server management, virtualization and optimization
  •      Cloud based solutions with hosting and management
  •      Solutions for mobile users and remote collaboration
  •      Security solutions
  •      Company/office setups, moves and relocations
  •      Troubleshooting

Our Vision

Noticing the growth of technology needs for each market and business line, we offer added value through our skills and knowledge in this aspect for the appropriate and required support.

Our Mission

To improve/enhance the business operation of our customers by implementing premium IT solutions, services and products.

With a group of skilled engineers, with a broad-based knowledge experience throughout the technology marketplace. IT Support Services with the precise purpose of allowing its customers to concentrate on their own core business are proposed. Our mission is to become our customer’s outsourced “IT Department”, in order to optimize both time and efforts to overcome/resolve daily IT issues.

Our Goals

Customer satisfaction is our goal and reducing response time in customer ticket queue and resolving all technical issues in the minimal time to let all our customers feel at ease for every interaction with us.

Understanding our customers’ business and needs and proposing with our wide range of products/solutions to meet their needs/requirements which are of best value for the cost of implementation.


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